Pesasur is a long-standing manufactoring company of spanish fish preserves. Pesasur is located in Ayamonte (Andalucía), Spain, which is a fishing village between Spain and Portugal (Algarve).

Pesasur benefits from a privileged location for the production of canned fish due to the rich waters of the continental shelf of the gulf of Cadix and the geographical area situated among the north coast of morocco, the south coast of Portugal and the Azores islands.

Since july 2007, Pesasur had been operating at its new and modern plant in the industrial area of Ayamonte. The facility factory covers 10.000 m2. Shared between fish preserves unit (tuna fish, frigate tuna, mackerel, sardines, salmon) and a fish salting unit (salted sardines, anchovies, etc.)

Pesasur workforce mainly sourced in Ayamonte itself and the surrounding area. Pesasur employs highly skilled labour, very experienced in handling fish, a traditional economic asset of this region of Spain for centuries.


Pesasur (pesca y salazones del suroeste, S.A.) was established in 1975 in Ayamonte, a village with long fishing tradition which it is located in the southwest of Andalucía, at the mouth of the guadiana river and at the forming border with Portugal.

Pesasur was established by the merger of several small companies coming from the local fishery sector: 5 fish canning companies and 2 ship-owners.

For 32 years, Pesasur had been developping its activity in Ayamonte in three small independent units: one factory of canned fish, one salted fish factory and one warehouse.

Pesasur new factory was inaugurated in july 2007 in the industrial area of Ayamonte. It holds an easy access to the spanish highway sevilla-Portugal. Then a new chapter in the company history opened in 2007.

The advantage of these new facilities is to be able to keep Pesasur traditional elaboration process which provided us high quality products and awards, despite the strong expansion of Pesasur turnover with rising sales in all markets.

Pesasur today

At present, Pesasur factory covers an area of 10.000m2 from which, 6000m2 equipped with last generation high quality fish preserves production lines.

Pesasur holds 500tm frozen storage capacity for raw materials. Moreover Pesasur holds several other cold storage facilities to maintain fresh raw materials as well as semi-manufactured products in the best organolectic conditions during the various steps of the production process.

Pesasur built its new factory in a rational way according to the eu newest standards.

Pesasur new factory holds a separate manufactoring area for the salted fish production. Such a products requires a completely different manufactoring process than preserves (salted sardine, anchovies, anchovies fillets, cod-fish fillets, etc., Etc.)

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Pesasur reg. Brand is internationally known for its consolidated excellent quality.

Recently, the company updated completely the Pesasur brand image with fashion metallic colors for all its range of products.

Pesasur is a well known brand due to the serious sale work of its importers and distributors that had been carring on Pesasur world wide image and sales for many years.

Pesasur manufacture also its fish preserves in its own Campionessa and Campeador reg. present all Pesasur range of fish preserves are available in the updated image of such a Campionessa and Campeador brand too.